TwitFix fixes twitter video embeds in discord. Just add fx before to convert to a twitfix link. Over 260 stars on GitHub and over 300k unique urls cached!


GiveMeOne is a flask server that interprets simple url requests and responds with the top results from several search engines


Keebie is a tool for adding more than one keyboard support to linux machines


A GUI Replacement pack for Minecraft to give everything a modern dark appearence, includes custom HD font, mod support, and much more!


A Modern and darker theme for the GIMP


A simple utility for piping bash standard output directly to discord messages / dms


A Discord bot that strings audio files together in a given order, made to be used with the Half-Life VOX files

SP2 Rotate

A set of scripts that enables automatic orientation switching in linux on the surface pro 2, correctly accounting for changes to the touch matrix


Uses the Twitter API to convert a tweet to a SVG representation of that tweet

This site!

I programmed and created everything seen on this site!